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Dr. Vijayshree Shirole, Pune

08 January, 2021

I have learnt to be patient as my kids are very young (Aarav-4yrs and Alisha-6yrs old) during the entire period of lockdown they never troubled me or other family members to take them out of the house in fact they were the one who kept us engaged back at home.

During the lockdown Alisha learnt to operate different apps by which now she can make additions to photographs to make them look funny at such a tender age.

I learnt to become a teacher for juniors as their schools were online so I had to teach them their studies at their learning speed.

Earlier I could not give much time to exercise because of my busy schedule but because of them I became a child and taught them to do yoga, dance and cycling with me.

I had never tried my hands at baking cake. Since both of them had birthdays during the lockdown period, I made it a point to learn to bake the cake and now I am proud to tell you that I bake a variety of delicious cakes.

I did not know that I am a good hairdresser earlier and it became apparent to me once I started giving haircuts to both of them.

All in all I learnt to be calm, innovative, skilful, more of a friend and also learnt to multitask so as to handle multiple activities at same time.

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