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Green Light for Clean Energy

14 July, 2017

As a part of our sustainability approach and vision, Tata Motors has taken an initiative to go 100% renewable. In 2016, Tata Motors joined the RE100 group, a global initiative of the world's most influential businesses that are committed to transforming their energy resources to renewables.

About the RE100 Initiative

RE100 is the intent to transform our operations to 100% renewable. It implies establishing reliable sources for procuring renewable energy and consciously moving away from fossil fuels.

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Future Ready Vision

As part of the Tata Group, Tata Motors is also committed to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Arvind Bodhankar, Corporate Head - Health, Safety, Environment, and Chief Sustainability Officer of Tata Motors, sums up the company's renewable roadmap: "Our approach towards climate change mitigation and pursuing low carbon growth is three-fold - develop cleaner and more efficient vehicles, reduce environmental impacts of manufacturing operations, and build awareness among stakeholders."


Tata Motors has already advanced several steps down the path to renewables, sourcing approximately 17% of electricity from renewable initiatives.

Renewable electricity procured/generated in FY 2016-17
 Rooftop solar PV plants at our Pune, Sanand, Lucknow & Dharwad plants Captive wind energy utilisation at Pune Off-site wind energy procured from grid through PPA route at Pune, Sanand & Dharwad
55,99,182 kWh 2,81,14,956 kWh 4,18,44,171 kWh

In addition to its green power utilization, all our plants drive energy conservation as a planned and budgeted activity to systematically achieve cost reduction and incremental improvement in specific energy consumption. Also, Tata Motors works with vendors and suppliers to drive the renewable energy agenda forward.

Business case for renewables

For Tata Motors, the case for 100% renewable energy is aligned with our sustainability objectives and our endeavor to be Future Ready. Procuring electricity from renewables carries several strong business benefits.

RE 100, Renewable energy, sustainability, CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Tata Motors

Additionally, in the last couple of years, the cost of solar and wind energy has dropped steadily. Governments around the world are supporting renewable energy initiatives through policy and subsidy benefits.

The efforts will intensify in the months and years ahead. "Now that we aspire to switch our manufacturing operations to 100% renewable energy, we will work to find more new initiatives that will help us achieve this target," says Mr Bodhankar. Stay tuned!

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