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27 November, 2017

Culture of excellence at Tata Motors

Tata Motors is renowned for cultivating a culture of excellence. Its flagship talent management programs, Fast Track Selection Scheme (FTSS) and Management Career Acceleration Track (MCAT), are the key sources of identifying and developing future leaders of the organization.

Career Growth for Hi-Pots

High potential programs like the FTSS and MCAT are not mere processes to identify individuals but a journey into themselves with benchmarked selection process as well as development programs, which include classroom training, high impact projects, and rotational assignments. FTSS provides an opportunity to young professionals in Tata Motors, to take up entry management-level responsibilities. Similarly, MCAT is designed to build leadership pipeline by identifying high potential employees for mid-management levels.

Making an impact in the workplace & careers-in the words of Fast Trackers & MCAT qualifiers

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