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If My Dad Was Like a Vehicle, He Would Be…

29 June, 2017

Greeting card companies have compared fathers with all sorts of things - some say dads are like coconuts, tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. Others say they're like cookies, they may be nutty sometimes, but they are sweet and make the world a better place.

Now This Father's Day, we asked our fans on social media to tell us which Tata Motors' vehicle is most like their dad.

Is he suave and elegant like the effortlessly stylish Tata Tigor? Is he an adventure junkie like the tough and rugged Tata Hexa? Is he strong and powerful like the mighty Tata Prima? Or is he environmentally conscious like the wonderful Tata Starbus Hybrid? The responses we received ranged from heartfelt to downright awe-inspiring!

For instance, Nagaraj Kumar feels his dad is like the unbeatable Tata Hexa because of his tough and fearless attitude towards life.

Anindya Roychoudhury feels his dad is like the Tata Prima because he is never tired, works to perfection and is also incredibly sophisticated!

"My dad is like the
powerful Tata Prima."
- Sahul Sahul G

Hitesh Gohil told us how his dad's big heart, understanding nature and accommodating attitude reminds him of the Tata Starbus Hybrid, while Kedar Borgaonkar told us that the passionate, disciplined and responsible nature of his dad is similar to the best-in-class features of the Tata Tigor.

Our very own Sayantan Das from TSM - Pickups division feels that his dad is a true-blue adventure lover, just like the Tata Hexa. His dad's thirst for adventure had them travelling extensively throughout India - right from hiking in the hills of Nainital to scuba diving in the deep seas of Andaman Islands.

"Can I get another option? My papa is like the Tata Safari. He's a legend!"
- Saiprakash Verma

Meghna Shanker from our Advance Quality division in Lucknow believes that her dad is one of a kind, just like the Tata Prima. His powerful personality helps her conquer every terrain, just like the truck and his amazing foresight helps her stay future ready! We were also touched by some fans reminiscing about our good old Tata Safari and how their dad is a legend just like the vehicle!

And then there were others like Shreyas V Shilwant who thinks that his dad is just too awesome to be limited to one vehicle. He told us that his dad is strong and powerful like the Tata Prima when he's fulfilling his various responsibilities. He's adventurous like the Tata Hexa while taking those rocking road trips together, and finally he's superbly stylish like the Tata Tigor!

So now that you've heard their stories, why don't you tell us in comments which Tata Motors vehicle reminds you of your Dashing Adventurous Darling dad?

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