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Lockdown Learnings – Amar Paithankar

17 July, 2020

Hello all, although lockdown meant not attending office, it also meant work from home and being from Communications meant work was in plenty, in fact the more I thought about what all I could do, I became busier by the day!

Having said that, I could also devote quality time to my hobby which is collecting scale models of automobiles: a hobby which I have cherished since a very young age.

Scratch building a 1:18 scale garage diorama was always dreamt of but never materialised due to the paucity of time. But now it did seem possible. I made a list of all the raw material that was required, brushed up my wood working skills, got hold of some new tools and made this diorama that you see in the images. Dioramas of this type are built on a smaller scale but as I collect only scale models of a bigger scale, I wanted my diorama in the same scale.

This is a 2.5 feet long, 1.5 feet deep and 1.5 feet high diorama made of wood, foam board, cardboard and metal.

Display is as per a specific theme, and the theme I have presently selected is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Range Rover, the world’s first luxurious SUV and a contender of the top 100 cars for the “Car Of The Century” award which took place on the eve of the new millennium.

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