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Lockdown Learnings – Ravish Assi

24 July, 2020

As lockdown was announced I thought of sleeping a lot but after 2 days I got fed up and then I woke up.

I explored my heart and then foraged into my home and found a DSLR camera. Cooking is my passion and I used to cook different dishes at home for my wife and 2 super naughty kids.

So I decided to magnify my cooking and presentation skills. I borrowed a tripod from one of my friends. Googled about video shooting and editing. Downloaded an editing software and after several sleepless nights I was able to manage basic video editing.

Voice recording was the most strenuous job in this voyage. Takes after takes, but failed. My voice was my weakness, but I thought to convert my drawback into my power.

I started my own YouTube channel "Cook with Ravish" with my signature recipe "Shahi Paneer" on April 23rd. The response was stunning, and it motivated me to do more. One after other I researched and created my own version of the recipes. Finding ingredients in lockdown was another challenge but "where there is a will there is a way".

This way I have taken my hobby to a next level. My hobby “cooking” helps me in reducing my stress as I burn my stress on the burner and the final aroma of food refresh my soul.

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