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Lockdown Learnings – Saranjit Singh

04 August, 2020

The learnings and skills acquired by me during lockdown while working from home simultaneously.

Power BI Certificate Course – Business Intelligence and Analytics training: 

The power of data is helping industries and companies worldwide to address economic slowdowns and plan for recovery as well as growth. Data generation and accumulation is a continuous natural process in a big organisation like Tata Motors. But making sense out of it and further utilising the analysis for better decision making and wastage reduction is what I envisioned before commencing this course on Power BI - Business Intelligence and Analytics training. I completed this certificate course of around 32 dedicated hours while tackling a rigorous work load and schedule from home. The skills I learned through this certificate course will help me in addressing individual and organisational level issues and remove operational as well as planning related bottlenecks in order to take better strategic decisions in order to mitigate risks beforehand. Already I have started working on some self-initiated projects based on Power BI at department level that will help everyone to maximise their efficiency and plan their work in a better way.

Procurement Management Certificate Course: 

Vendor management and procurement process have become one of the most critical elements of the organisation recovery plan in the current COVID-19 era of economic slump. It has become very important to manage and support the organisation as well as vendor ecosystem through a proper procurement management. I completed this certificate course while tackling a rigorous work load and schedule from home.  This certificate course on procurement management takes into account the best practices around the world with great examples and has helped me hone my professional skills in order to help achieve individual and organisational in this difficult time. Now I can use learnings from this course to improve the current processes and get maximum benefit for the organisation while performing my job. 

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