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MindRover Season 5 comes to a close

17 February, 2017

MindRover by Tata Motors is a unique platform for the best minds in the country to come up with innovative ideas to solve the most pertinent issues faced by the Automotive industry. In every season, participants are given time to conduct research on a particular subject, and are then encouraged to provide fresh and doable solutions.

This year, the focus was on Tata Winger Dicor, a stylish vehicle by Tata Motors. Sleek, smart, and a highly reliable performer, Tata Winger Dicor is also ideal for travel between cities, towns and villages. The task given to eager students of B-schools across the country was to develop an integrated marketing plan for the Tata Winger Dicor, while addressing the Tours & Travels segment in the country. Participants did a detailed STP (Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning) analysis based on tourists that were visiting a particular travel circuit. Time-bound presentations were made to a panel of Tata Motors judges, followed by a Question and Answer session.

From the hundreds of entries that flowed in, the teams making it into the finals included IMT Ghaziabad, NMIMS Mumbai, IIM Ranchi, NITIE Mumbai, SCMHRD Pune, and SJMSOM (IIT Bombay). One day prior to the Grand Finale- on Feb 9- the finalists were invited to the Tata Motors facility in Worli, Mumbai. They received first-hand experience about life at Tata Motors and the company culture, through interactions with employees. This allowed our finalists to gain special insights into the workings of the Tata Motors family, which they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

The day of The Grand Finale saw battle lines being drawn. All teams were at their finest, battling a barrage of questions from senior-level Tata Motors judges. Eventually, it was ‘The Team Has a Name’ from NMIMS, Mumbai and ‘Team Cool’ from SCHMRD, Pune that won top honours by taking home the Winner and First Runners-up prizes, respectively.

The entire show was hosted and managed by an extremely enterprising group of first-year students from SJMSOM (IIT Bombay). The anchors peppered the entire event with funny anecdotes and pop quizzes. They were able to keep the crowd enthralled right through till the end, with the constant support of the back-end Operations team. After the main event, the finalists had an opportunity to interact with the Chief Guests and other senior dignitaries from Tata Motors over a lunch spread.

MindRover was indeed a great learning experience for the participants and the audience alike. Dealing with a real-life problem situation gave our participants the confidence to move from a college work environment to an office space. Young students in the audience also got a better idea of what the corporate world would be like once they graduated.

As has been the case with previous seasons, Season 5 of MindRover did not fail to surprise.

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