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MindRover Sparks the Imagination

03 February, 2017

What is it that prepares B-school students to make a seamless transition to the world of business?

Surely, activities where they have a real-time problem to grapple with and resolve. That’s what gives the students confidence that they can take on the real world outside the simulated environment that their institutes provide them. It makes them feel that they can successfully take on any challenges that the world outside may throw at them when they step into the professional world.

Tata Motors MindRover is one such case study competition that invites solutions to challenging problems that are real world problems that the company is currently facing or has faced in the past. All participating institutes are unanimous in their view about Tata Motors MindRover being a highly coveted hands-on platform that prepares students for the future.

Here is what some of the participating B-schools had to say about the competition:


How has been the response of students to MindRover over the years?

The students at IIFT are always enthusiastic about competitions and when the competition is as big as MindRover, the students are more driven to bring their best out. IIFT was the runners-up in MindRover Season 4 and that’s what continues to motivate students further.

How did the MindRover association help IIFT?

There are only few competitions that bring the students across real-life problems that the auto industry faces. MindRover is one of them and it gives the students the required perception and the acumen to study one of the most important industries of our age.


How’s the response to MindRover been over the years?

MindRover is a unique case study competition that invites solutions to challenging problems that are real-world problems that the company is currently facing or has faced in the past. It gives us an understanding about the industry, the company, the business model, the marketing plan, the competition etc. It pushes us to think differently and allows us to convert our theoretical learning into practical applications to solve the business life problems.


Why did you associate with Tata Motors MindRover?

It’s unique in the way it presents real-life problems which are faced by real-time personnel handling auto products. It’s unique for case study competitions to present students with a case study where the various dimensions like products, markets and other dynamics are given and a solution is expected. This is very close to what a real-life executive at Tata Motors might be going through or may have gone through. The students get a taste of real-life corporate problems.

How has the MindRover association affected your brand?

Whenever we say that we are two-time winners of MindRover, it adds to the credentials that we have worked hard to build in the past 36 years. It gives the students the aura of confidence that they can excel in any organization that they step into. It adds to the brand value of IMT-Ghaziabad immensely.

What is the response of the students to MindRover?

The student community is upbeat as it would not only improve their chances of fulfilling their career objectives, but also embellish their academic lives with an initiative that they can be proud of.

Tata Motors is more than happy to have such an enthusiastic response to the MindRover challenge. The very fact that it has sparked thinking about real-life situations and problems is part of the thought process that the Tata Motors team endorses. Real-life situations pose problems and challenges, the solutions of which would only be possible by stepping onto the real world and thinking like real people.

Like the winner in one edition rightly said," The entire two years of your MBA experience shall boil down to this hands-on experience solving real life corporate problems."

For more details on MindRover Season 5, visit our website: http://www.mindrover.tatamotors.com/

Photo courtesy: SJMSOM-IIT Bombay website, IIFT-Delhi website, IMT-Ghaziabad website

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