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Placing Emphasis on Employee Safety

20 October, 2018

As India's leading automobile manufacturer, we strongly believe in allocating safety measures to our workforce as they are the backbone of our company. We emphasize on providing a work environment where our employees are protected from incidents. To accomplish this, we have actioned an occupational policy that exercises vigilance and awareness throughout our company.

To ensure that our employees are not harmed or injured in any way, we have set up an internalized management committee at every level. This committee oversees the proper implementation of protective policies in the plant. While in the plant, the well-being of our employees is looked after by the plant-level subcommittees that report to a corporate level sub-committee. This enables our policies to reach every one of our employees.

Next, to make sure that our plants are very secure, we have identified and laid down plans to mitigate the most critical risks present at every manufacturing location. We have taught self-defense to 1800 women employees, as part of the ‘senSHEtize' initiative, over the course of 60 sessions across all our offices. Then, with a 20 minute engagement program we have given essential road safety tips to over 1,000 employees across 9 offices.

As our safety strategy relies on trainings and awareness campaigns, we have stressed the need for our 500+ internal trainers to undergo trainings so that they are certified to assist professionals during a program. During these training sessions, we make use of videos and develop e-modules to have a deeper impact and create widespread awareness about the potential hazards at the workplace. These films are also created in Hindi so as to reach the blue-collar employees. Furthermore, we have made safety an important part of our induction programme for all employees upon their joining. For those personnel involved in hazardous operations, they have to attend a compulsory training at the Regional Labour Institute (RLI). And to keep up with the changing trends and new technology, we conduct a refresher training where the divisional heads impart training to our employees.

Besides training our employees, we have a strict protocol with regard to emergency vigilance. We have assigned certain roles and responsibilities to every employee, as this facilitates faster response time in limiting the loss of life or property. We also conduct mock drills to assess the level of preparedness which helps in making room for improvements. The emergency procedures include scenarios like Fire, Explosions, Spills, Natural calamities etc.

Lastly, as we care for every member of our company, we have implemented a programme that covers the blue-collar employees who are involved in high risk activities in our plants.

We continue to organize workshops to impart knowledge on personal safety and activities to improve employee hazard recognition and risk perception, thus keeping up with our OHSAS 18001/IMS certification.

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