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27 November, 2018

We've always had a reputable name in the Indian automobile industry and as one of the pioneers of this industry, we've set benchmarks in terms of design, technology and even provided solutions in the sustainability sphere. This was undoubtedly no easy task, but it's only because of a hardworking and dedicated task force that we have been able to achieve this. We, thus, work towards empowering our employees to help them excel in their fields while also taking their welfare into serious account.

In order to tap into their potential, we provide a platform that pushes our staff to their limits while simultaneously enhancing their skill set. Here, our efficient human resources (HR) step in to determine the skill set required based on our corporate and locational strategies. In accordance to this, we align our young talent, training programs and hiring plans. As part of our skill development initiatives for the white collar employees' in the functional space, we have appointed a governance body called as Learning Advisory Council (LAC) that makes regular checks into the value of learning offered while also designing, implementing and reviewing the learning agenda of the employees.

We give equal importance to both our blue and white collar employees. As for our blue collar workforce, we have enforced a National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) that trains and enhances their existing knowledge. We also assess their improvement in these programs through a performance index and knowledge index and conduct programs on vehicle integration which are approved by Govt. (DGTT). Our white collar employees on the other hand are appointed a Chief Learning Officer who organizes various sessions with managers on strategy and technology. Here, the Learning Management System (LMS) platform places emphasis on various leadership and techno-functional skill development programs for leaders. Furthermore, a program called "i Teach" provides framework and practice to enhance the training capabilities of employees who are internal Subject Matter Experts but need support on facilitation skills. Additionally, in order to upskill the BHRs and ERs, a capability building program has also been put in place, which enhances the core functional capability and also provides an outside-in perspective from other organizations.

Furthermore, we have committed ourselves to developing our employees' functional, managerial and leadership capabilities by preparing them to adapt to fast-changing external environment. We established Tata Motors Academy to address the development of various segments of our workforce through a structured approach. Our motive behind the inception of this academy was to strengthen knowledge, skills and expertise of our employees with an in-depth approach and developing general management and leadership skills. Tata Motors Academy also provides executive education for B. Tech, M. Tech, and Executive MBA degree.

While we organize programs to get the best from our employees, we also take responsibility for their welfare. We ensure that they are able to avail statutory benefits like pension, gratuity, and insurance as well as health benefits. Our personnel are also provided with accommodation in plants where we maintain our own townships. Here, schools, hospitals and other public amenities are made available to our employees at free or minimized costs.

At Tata Motors, we firmly believe in creating an organization with a balanced gender equation. With this in mind, we have raised the percentage of campus hiring of women from 13% in 2016 to 19% in 2017 and have set a target of 25% for the 2018 batches. We also focused on strengthening the personality and skill set of the women at our workplace by enlisting them for a development program called 'Gear up', which also helps to augment leadership skills of women. Additionally, we took into serious consideration the employment of women from small towns and villages. We trained them through our structured technical education program and enabled them to improve their skills. We have enforced a work policy across all our plants and offices that allow women to balance their professional and private lives through the availability of six months' maternity leave, sabbatical, work from home (corporate employees), half-day work and crèche tie-ups.

At the core of our success lies our ardent workforce, whose development and welfare we promise to constantly strive towards as a token of appreciation for bringing us this far in the automotive industry.

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