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The power of water to change lives

22 April, 2017

Drinking water is scarce, especially in vast areas of India’s hinterland where the rains often play truant. Read about one of Tata Motors’ sustainability initiatives with local communities in our endeavour to improve their access to drinking water.

In the tribal hamlet of Talapewadi in Pune, where only 450 people reside, Tata Motors has an auto plant. During summer, they faced an acute water shortage and had to rely instead on water tankers sent by the government. The only other saviours were a water reservoir and old well, both of which were in dire need of repair. Tata Motors, through the Sumant Moolgaonkar Development Foundation (SMDF), worked to improve the small reservoir and the well. The two precious water sources can now hold 135,000 litres of water, and the people of Talapewadi are no longer dependent on tankers. More details here.

The Tata Motors’ water –related activities are appropriately named Amrutdhara (translates as precious liquid).

Water is given its due importance even within Tata Motors’ facilities. Take the Lakehouse, a manmade wetland of 245 acres that was developed over years at Tata Motors’ Pune plant.

Sumant Sarovar.JPG

Tata Motors’ Pune plant is located in the highly industrialised Pimpri-Chinchwad belt. Occupying 1,160 acres of what used to be a scrubby barren area, the Lakehouse habitat came up alongside it. At the Lakehouse, a dam was built to conserve rainwater, rocks were cut down, and truckloads of fertile soil were brought in to grow plants and trees. Today, the Lakehouse houses six water bodies holding 60 million gallons of water, a marshy area with reed beds, open scrub land and an area with dense tree cover where 150,000 trees have been planted.

Migratory BIrds in Sumant Sarovar (4).JPG

The manmade wetland is a natural oxygen generator and a haven for over 150 species of migratory birds and more than 60 types of butterflies. That’s a blue-green story to be proud of, and not just on one day of the year!

night heron.jpg

painted stork.jpg

pied kingfisher.jpg

Tell us, how are you doing your bit to help save the earth?

The Lakehouse is where Tata Motors conducts its annual all-hands meet on April 1st

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