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We approach the best minds on campuses with the best opportunities.

Designed to help bright young minds grow into future leaders, we have established a well-structured induction programme ensuring that the campus hires get a flavour of the business, followed by a domain-specific process to build functional capability. This practical exposure is adequately complemented by the Tata Motors Academy, our online learning platform with hundreds of courses. Ample exposure to real-time business scenarios under the guidance of veterans from the industry helps students get the much-needed perspective in their 'campus-to-corporate' journey.

Graduate Programmes

Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) Programme

It provides the perfect springboard for aspiring engineers from some of the finest institutes to observe, learn and achieve their objective of excelling in their departments. The three main areas of allocation are Plant Operations (Manufacturing), Sales & Service and Engineering Research Centre (ERC).

Post Graduate Engineer Trainee Programme (PGET)

This programme focuses on hiring post-graduates from top institutes, primarily for the ERC. Alternately, they may also be hired for manufacturing operations depending on business requirements.

Post Graduate Design Trainee Programme (PGDT)

We recruit post-graduates from specific design institutes to fulfil our requirements in the design function within ERC.

Post Graduate Programmes

  • Management Trainee (MT) Programme

    We hire management graduates from India's premier business schools and help them drive their career and grow into larger roles within the business while acquiring new skills and competencies along the way.

  • Post Graduate Sales Trainee (PGST) Programme

    In this one-of-a-kind programme, management graduates join us as fresh and raring-to-go sales managers who are ready to contribute in a fast-paced environment.

  • Post Graduate HR Trainee (PGHRT) Programme

    We hire HR talent from campus and nurture them into strategic and thought leaders. This helps them explore and learn about human resources from various aspects.

Professional Programmes

CA Trainee Programme

This programme provides young chartered accountants a platform to kick-start an exciting career in the finance function.

Diploma Engineer Trainee (DET) Programme

The DET Programme is designed for engineering diploma aspirants from polytechnic institutes across India. A structured apprenticeship programme prepares them to take on bigger engineering challenges in future.

Internship Programmes

Summer Internship Programme

In the course of this two-month internship, students from premier business schools gain hands-on experience of working in a Fortune 500 company and contributing to live business projects. This association also enhances their chances of being offered a pre-placement job.

Engineering Internship Programme

Tata Motors engineering internship programme aims at providing hands on experience to aspiring engineers in manufacturing plants and research labs. With this opportunity, they get exposure to advancements in technology and understand the overall functioning of an auto manufacturing company.

Our Campus Philosophy

We love being on campus and mingling with young talent having infectious energy. By partnering academic institutions, we undertake various engagement initiatives with students to revolutionise the auto industry.

  • T - Talk
    Through our T - Talk series (guest lecture series) we ensure that students can gain from the experiences of seasoned professionals at Tata Motors. It gives the students a real-world feel, preparing them for life as a corporate team player. The T - Talk series is a big hit with students as they get to understand the nuances of working as a team or even leading it.
  • The case study challenge
    The MindRover case study challenge for B –Schools & T –Schools is a unique case study competition that presents real time business challenges and asks students to ideate and come up with solutions for the same. The whole objective of this contest is to well-verse students with the real-time challenges faced by automobile players so that their transition from students to professionals is easier. www.mindrover.tatamotors.com
  • "Blessed to work with amazing mentors who have guided me very well and given the required exposure to the industry. Enjoyed great camaraderie with everyone which helped me retain the fun factor at work" - Disha Gupta – PGST (Batch 2015)
  • "Being in the Sales & Marketing profile, even though the title suggests what the job is going to be all about, in reality it includes all the sub-functions in every direction that will contribute to accomplishing the primary goal – sustaining the passenger car business. The wide-spectrum of inputs ensures you have information from every corner of the company. Being backed by such a huge, well-known brand close to the hearts of every Indian, immediately helps break ice and build a good rapport with anyone. Travelling. Having dealerships which are poles apart (located in Goa and Central Karnataka) in every way is currently ensuring I have an experience of all that can go wrong and all that can go right. Work hard and we party harder!" - Jovito D'mello – MT (Batch 2015)
  • "When I see on the road a vehicle that I had helped build, believe me the joy and pride that I feel is something that cannot be put into words, that is something which can only be experienced by working with Tata Motors. I started my career as a graduate engineer trainee, Tata Motors has provided me with immense opportunities for learning and enhancing my skills. It is due to such a nurturing atmosphere that I got the opportunity to become the youngest Tata Business Excellence Model assessor. Bringing me face to face with customers during my stint at a dealer workshop made me realise that I, as an employee, have on the lives of people. Dealing with suppliers directly has made me more confident about myself and tackling challenging project timelines has helped me realise my true potential. My journey with Tata Motors has indeed been an enriching one" - Tanushree Agarwal – GET (Batch 2012)
  • "I joined as a PGET and I love everything about Tata Motors - the culture, the people, the aura and most importantly the products. The company’s priority for novelty, innovation, employee safety, national interest, human relationships and values with its exclusive facilities makes me feel proud and close-to-heart as my own company. It allowed me to discover new opportunities through challenges faced every day in my job. The best part is the opportunity to understand vehicles across all available categories. It amazes me to see an engineering team working tirelessly for years to craft a machine that gives sheer pleasure and makes a statement while driving" - Manoj Kumar Patil – PGET (Batch 2015)
  • "My experience during summer internship at Tata Motors taught me a lot about the functioning of a business unit and the collaboration of units connected to it. Instead of feeling exhausted, I was inspired, excited and exhilarated during my internship tenure. Experience of meeting customers is one of the most enthusiastic as well a challenging part of internship and through Tata Motors, I have once again realised how inspired I am by sales and marketing and how it is the right career path to pursue" - Smit Pandey - Summer Intern (SIBM Pune)

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