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Tata Motors trucks set to race in top global events

14 March, 2017, Moneycontrol.com

Tata Motors, the country’s biggest medium and heavy trucks manufacturer, will send its trucks to premier racing events abroad.

A senior executive of the company said it aims to participate in at least one of the races held in Europe and US.

Speaking to Moneycontrol, R. Ramakrishnan, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Planning and Customer Value Creation, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors said, “Last three seasons we demonstrated what the Prima can do. We now want to do much bigger things. We now want to take our drivers abroad and participate in these international races”.

The company has developed a 1000bhp truck along with engine developer Cummins. This truck is of the same standard as those that participate in international races held in UK, France, US and other countries.

“We have basically built a truck around the engine,” said Ramakrishnan. “It is a normal production truck meaning it is rolled out from the production line like any other truck we produce but was fitted with a high power engine retuned for racing need.”

Internationally, trucks race at a restricted speed of 160 km/hr. The 1000 bhp T1 PRIMA race truck, which will be showcased at the upcoming annual T1 truck racing event on March 19 in Greater Noida, has a similar top speed. The current top speed at the T1 event is 135 km/hr which was upgraded from 120 km/hr with a peak power of 400bhp.

In the next edition of the T1, which will be in its fifth edition in 2018, Tata Motors will debut the 1000bhp truck, more than twice as powerful as the current generation T1 race trucks.

“The 1000bhp truck can potentially enter international race events as of today. Next season we will actually have it race in India”, said Ramakrishnan.

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