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Tata Motors July sales at 48,054 nos., growth of 18% Press kit

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3 August, 2009

Tata Motors’ total sales (including exports) of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles in July 2009 were 48,054 vehicles, a growth of 18% over 40,729 vehicles sold in July 2008. The company’s domestic sales of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles for July 2009 were 45,599 nos., a 23% growth over 37,033 nos. sold in July last year.

Cumulative sales (including exports) for the company for the fiscal at 171,168 nos., was lower by 1%, compared to 172,462 nos. sold last year.

Commercial Vehicles

The company’s sales of commercial vehicles in July 2009 in the domestic market were 28,408 nos., a 27% growth compared to 22,381 vehicles sold in July last year. LCV sales were 17,750 nos., a growth of 44% over July last year. M&HCV sales stood at 10,658 nos. turning positive after almost a year with a growth of 6% over July last year and the highest since September 2008.

Cumulative sales of commercial vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal were 100,464 nos., a growth of 7% over last year. Cumulative LCV sales were 63,180 nos., a growth of 32% over last year, while M&HCV sales stood at 37,284 nos. was lower by 19% over last year.

Passenger Vehicles

The passenger vehicle business reported a total sale and distribution offtake of 19,881 nos. (17,191 Tata + 2,690 Fiat) in the domestic market in July 2009, a 32% increase compared to 15,064 nos. (14,652 Tata + 412 Fiat) in July last year. Sales of Tata cars, at 14,537 nos., grew by 21% over July 2008. Despatches of the Tata Nano began during the month, and the sales were 2,475 nos. The Indica range sales were 8,563 nos., a growth of 14% over July last year. The Indigo range recorded sales of 3,499 nos., lower by 22% over July last year. The UV/SUV range of Sumo/Safari accounted for sales of 2,638 nos., flat compared to July last year.

The company began the sale and deliveries of the Jaguar and Land Rover range through the brands’ flagship store in Mumbai. The response has been quite encouraging in the first month with the initial India stock and pipeline imports booked to a large extent.

Cumulative sales and distribution offtake of passenger vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal were 70,572 nos. (63,028 Tata + 7,544 Fiat), against 67,559 nos. (65,746 Tata + 1,813 Fiat) last year, a growth of 4%. Nano sales were 2,475 nos. Cumulative sales of the Indica range at 37,412 nos., reported a growth of 13%. Cumulative sales of the Indigo family were 12,422 nos., lower by 29%. Cumulative sales of the Sumo/Safari range were 10,690 nos., lower by 29%.


The company’s sales from exports at 2,455 vehicles in July 2009 were lower by 34% compared to 3,696 vehicles in July last year. The cumulative sales from exports for the fiscal at 7,676 nos. were lower by 40% over 12,855 nos. in the same period last year.

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