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Tata Motors launches ‘Tata Motors Prolife’ for Commercial Vehicle customers Press kit

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6 June, 2013

  • Quality reconditioning of engine long blocks, aggregates, vehicle parts
  • Ensured extended life of aggregates
  • Superior performance of vehicles

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Tata Motors has launched ‘Tata Motors Prolife’ a customer-focused service programme to recondition engine long blocks, aggregates, parts to ensure quality reconditioning which will result in superior performance of the vehicle. This new service programme will help extend life of aggregates using reduced quantity of materials than required for a new part / aggregate. Key benefits of reconditioned parts are high up-time, low cost-of-ownership and contribution to a sustainable environment.

According to Mr. Ravindra Pisharody, Executive Director, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, "With an objective to provide our customers with utmost service support, we have started this unique service programme. It is our endeavour to always offer first-in-class service initiatives which add value. This programme will ensure quality reconditioning and reduction in down time of commercial vehicles for reconditioning and will result in low cost-of-ownership and superior performance. We want to enhance our after-market experience levels. They should be excellent, not only on the pocket, but across our chain. We are bringing in enhancements with equipment, manpower and processes for fast service and we are sure that customers will see true value in such initiatives."

Tata Motors has established two full-fledged facilities for engine long block reconditioning in Lucknow and Coimbatore, which will cater to customer requirements. Both these facilities recondition more than 19,000 engine long blocks, in a year and also recondition various other parts of Tata commercial vehicles.

Tata Motors Prolife will offer top aggregates and components like:

  • 6BT BSII / BS III, 697 BSII Engine long block for Tata trucks and buses
  • Ace engine long block
  • Ace Zip/ Magic Iris Engine long block,
  • 497 BS II / BSIII Engine long blocks for LCVs
  • Electrical and electronic parts
  • Turbo chargers,
  • Gear Boxes
  • Power steering aggregates
  • Brake components

All Tata Motors commercial vehicle customers can avail of these reconditioned parts / aggregates across 1,000 Tata Motors Authorised Commercial Vehicle Dealer Workshops and Tata Motors Authorized Service Stations, in India.

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