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Tata Motors May sales at 56,779 nos. Press kit

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1 June, 2010

Tata Motors’ total sales (including exports) of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles in May 2010 were 56,779 vehicles, a growth of 41% over 40,196 vehicles sold in May 2009. The company’s domestic sales of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles for May 2010 were 52,801 nos., a 38% growth over 38,392 nos. sold in May last year.

Cumulative sales (including exports) for the company for the fiscal are 113,978 nos., a growth of 47% over 77,714 nos. sold last year.

Commercial Vehicles

The company’s sales of commercial vehicles in May 2010 in the domestic market were 31,475 nos., a 37% growth compared to 23,004 vehicles sold in May last year. LCV sales were 17,615 nos., a growth of 22% over May last year. M&HCV sales stood at 13,860 nos., a growth of 61% over May last year.

Cumulative sales of commercial vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal are 62,438 nos., a growth of 36% over last year. Cumulative LCV sales are 35,421 nos., a growth of 21% over last year, while M&HCV sales stood at 27,017 nos., a growth of 62% over last year.

Passenger Vehicles

The passenger vehicles business reported a total sale and distribution offtake of 23,489 nos. (21,326 Tata + 2,163 Fiat) in the domestic market in May 2010, a 42% increase compared to 16,563 nos. (15,388 Tata + 1,175 Fiat) in May last year. Sales of Tata passenger vehicles were 21,326 nos., a growth of 39% over May 2009. Sales of the Tata Nano were 3,550 nos. The Indica range sales were 8,468 nos., lower by 15% over May last year. The Indigo range recorded sales of 6,600 nos., a growth of 133% over May last year. The Sumo/Safari range accounted for sales of 2,708 nos., higher by 6% over May last year.

Jaguar Land Rover sales continued their upward trend since launch in June 2009.

Cumulative sales and distribution offtake of passenger vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal are 48,388 nos. (44,425 Tata + 3,963 Fiat), against 31,178 nos. (28,798 Tata + 2,380 Fiat) last year, a growth of 55%. Cumulative sales of the Nano are 7,075 nos. Cumulative sales of the Indica range are 17,504 nos., lower by 6%.

Cumulative sales of the Indigo family are 13,801 nos., higher by 156%. Cumulative sales of the Sumo/Safari range are 6,045 nos., higher by 27%.


The company’s sales from exports at 3,978 vehicles in May 2010 registered a growth of 121% compared to 1,804 vehicles in May last year. The cumulative sales from exports for the fiscal at 7,115 nos. are higher by 132% over 3,065 nos. in the same period last year.

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