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Tata Motors posts sale of 454,345 nos. in 2005-06, highest ever by the company Press kit

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4 April, 2006

Commercial Vehicles (245,047), Passenger Vehicles (209,298) create new records
Exports hit new peak (50,539), growing by 65.7%

Tata Motors reported a record sale of 454,345vehicles (including exports) for the fiscal year 2005-06, its highest ever and a growth of 13.7% over 399,566 vehicles sold in 2004-05. Total sales (including exports) for the month of March 2006 were 56,406nos., the company’s highest ever monthly sales and an increase of 27% over 44,432 nos. sold in March 2005.Commercial Vehicles

The company’s sales of commercial vehicles in March 2006 in the domestic market were 27,289 nos., its highest ever monthly sales and an increase of 33.3% over 20,473 vehicles sold in March last year. M&HCV sales stood at 16,312 nos, an increase of14.5% over March last year. LCV sales were at 10,977 nos., an increase of 76.3% over March last year.

Cumulative sales of commercial vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal were 214,950 nos., also the highest ever. M&HCVcumulative sales were 128,714 nos., whileLCV sales for the period were 86,236 nos.

During the year, Tata Motors created new segments by launching India’s first mini-truck, the Ace (in May 2005), and the Tata Novus (in December 2005), the first 300 PS heavy commercial vehicle from an Indian manufacturer. They have received an encouraging response, with particularly strong growth in the Ace.

Tata Motors has exited the year with a stronger market position than ever before, in addition to making up for the shortfall witnessed in the 1st Quarter on account of uncertainty caused by changes in emission norms and the resultant shortages of some critical components.

Passenger Vehicles

The passenger vehicle business reported a total sale of 22,609 vehicles in the domestic market in March 2006, its highest ever monthly sales and an increase of 13.1% over March last year. The Indica sold 12,989 nos., an increase of 17.5%. The Indigo range registered sales of 4,666 nos., an increase of 1.8%. The Sumo and Safari accounted for sales of 4,954 nos., registering a growth of 13.8%.

In March 2006, the Indica, the Indigo range and the Safari individually posted their highest ever monthly sales, while utility vehicles together recorded its highest ever monthly sale in the last seven years.

Cumulative sales of passenger vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal were 188,856 nos., the highest ever by the business in any year and a growth of 5.5% over the previous year. The cumulative sales of Indica were 111,574 nos. (growth of 5.7%), theIndigo range 39,377 nos. (growth of 0.2%), Sumo 33,213 nos. (growth of 6.9%) and the Safari was 4692 nos. (growth of 47.9%). The Indica, the Indigo range and the Safari since its launch individually posted their highest ever cumulative sales.

Tata Motors passenger vehicles continue to be the highest selling in their respective segments — the Indica in the Rs.3-5 lakh hatchback segment for the second year running, the Indigo in the entry midsize sedan segment for three years running, the Indigo Marina in the estate segment for two years running, and the Safari in the premium SUV segment. The Indica also continues to be the second largest selling car in the industry for the second year running. The success of the Indica has been due to the two new launches, the Indica V2 Turbo Diesel and the Indica V2 Xeta. The Indigo’s sales achievement has been aided by the successful reception of the Indigo SX series, and the Safari’s achievement is due to the success of the Safari DiCOR launched in 2005.


The company exported 6,508 vehicles in March 2006 as compared to 3,964 vehicles in March last year, an increase of 64.2%. The cumulative sales from exports during the year at 50,539 nos., a new peak, have recorded a strong 65.7% growth over 30,496vehicles sold last year.

Tata Motors continues to make deep inroads abroad with its strategy of focusing on select markets with relevant products from its commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles range.

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