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Vasundhara – Environment

Tata Motors, under the environment-related CSR programme – Vasundhara, strives to contribute to enhanced environmental sustainability by proactively facilitating the protection, conservation, judicious use and augmentation of natural resources.

Depletion of forests disturbs the delicate ecological balance and also contributes to climate change. With our initiatives under Vasundhara, we aim to promote environmental consciousness among community members, school students and our employees by engaging them in plantation and cleanliness drives. The underlying vision is that environment being a common global concern, any effort at promoting environmental sustainability at a local level would benefit the environment as well as local communities and society at large. We also encourage community members to use renewable energy products like solar lamps and promote innovative products like fuel efficient chulhas that reduce the carbon footprint.

We partner with the communities and NGOs around our manufacturing plants and office locations for deployment of Vasundhara projects. This approach meets the needs of the local community, and also inculcates in them a sense of responsibility. This, we believe, is essential for ensuring long-term sustainability of our collective interventions.

Our projects on environment help preserve the long-term health of people and ecosystems and build strong relationships with local communities.

The story in numbers

  • 89,263
    Lives Reached
  • 89,263
    Environmental Awareness
  • 1,17,186
    Sapling Plantation

Environment awareness

We believe that values pertaining to environment protection are better inculcated at a young age. We are making this possible by organising sessions for school students which are conducted by reputed environmental non-profit agencies and experts, encouraging green actions and striving for behaviour change in children towards responsible consumption of natural resources. During the sessions, students are made aware of environmental issues and educated on solid waste management, sustainable development, judicious use of water and electricity and kitchen gardening techniques. Many interactive booklets in regional languages have been developed to drive the message in a visually appealing manner. Students are also taken out on nature trails so that they can better connect the environment conservation concepts in their everyday life.

Tree plantation

Increasing the green cover through tree plantation is a major project under Vasundhara. We are striving to achieve this primarily through partnerships with NGOs and community participation (for instance, with the community gifting land and volunteering labour for the project) and also taking into consideration the local biodiversity. We try to ensure at least three years of survival of the plantation with minimum reasonable mortality. Wherever feasible, the plantations are harnessed for livelihood opportunities for the beneficiaries. This makes the community a big stakeholder, which helps in long-term maintenance of the green cover.

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