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Vasundhara – Environment

Tata Motors, under its environment related CSR – Vasundhara programme, makes concentrated efforts to increase the green cover through sapling plantation on one hand and enhance environmental awareness levels in the community on the other.

Indian companies sustainability initiatives

TML has planted 117186 saplings (of indigenous varieties) across locations and ensured their survival rate is significantly high (85%). At few locations, these places have turned into microhabitats which host varied species of flora and fauna. Our environmental awareness programmes aim to sensitize young children, and we have been able to reach to 89,263 persons, making these one of the dynamic green initiatives by corporates in India.

The story in numbers

  • 89,263
    Lives Reached
  • 89,263
    Environmental Awareness
  • 1,17,186
    Sapling Plantation

The Innovation: Health & Environment Friendly Cooking Stoves

Traditional cooking stoves lead to incomplete combustion, generation of wastage, emission of smoke which are harmful to humans and lead to depletion of trees.

A daunting 67% of rural households use stoves (or chulhas) for cooking. Also, India is the largest consumer of fuelwood in the world accounting for nearly 40% of its energy need (Forest Survey of India Report 2011). Of all fuel options, wood and wood chips account for 77% and 20% share in for cooking in rural and urban areas respectively.

The current consumption of fuelwood in India is about five times higher than what can be sustainably removed from forests and traditional stoves (chulhas) with faulty designs and inherent inefficiencies add to the problem. It is estimated 41% of India’s forest cover has been degraded in the past decade.

Implication on public health can be estimated from the fact that approximately 1.3 million people – mostly women and children die prematurely every year because of exposure to indoor air pollution from biomass. Apart from this, valuable time and effort are devoted to fuel collection instead of education and income generation.

The Innovation – The innovation is a locally manufactured device that comprise a mesh of hanging twisted tapes (seven twisted tapes having a width of 1 inch and twist of 180 degree).

The twisted tape pack is retrofitted in the combustion chamber of the traditional cook stoves. The design of the twisted tapes vary according to the design of the traditional cook stoves.

Durability is for 15 months.

Reach of the Innovation:


Project Coverage


2438 households


6946 families covered


9384 families

Impact of the Innovation:

The said Innovation is one of our most helpful environmental initiatives in India, which has been adopted by 9300+ families spread across 532 villages in one single year (2017-18). Based on the impact assessment covering sample size of 300 households (randomised), across 46 villages, the immediate impact are as follows:

Environmental Impact – Reduction in the demand of wood. This adds up to saving of 439 trees which help recycle 70 tonnes of oxygen and sequestrate 13 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Economic Impact – 47 working days which translates to addition of nearly ₹ 13,000/- to annual family income.

Improvement in school attendance of girls – This directly leads to better attendance of girls to schools leading to access to their right to education.

Health Benefits – Better combustion has led to reduction in smoke and home pollution, which not only leads to better health but also makes this one of the most effective green initiatives by Indian companies.

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