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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tata Motors, all our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives focus on improving the quality of life of underprivileged communities, neighbouring our business operations. Keeping up with the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), our interventions focus on health, education, employability and environment, with a special focus on the historically and socially deprived Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities. In the year 2019-20, our CSR interventions have touched over 8.3 lakh lives in India.


Global automobile manufacturer Tata Motors Limited acknowledges its roots and tirelessly works to address the needs and aspirations of the community, pushing others onwards to development. We have a six-pronged CSR strategy that attends to the societal needs starting from pre-natal care to education, and serves across the spectrum – helping with high-school level courses to professional ones, leading to employability and employment.


  • Adopting Human
    Life Cycle Approach

  • Upstream &
    Downstream Linkages

  • Philosophy of More
    From Less for More

  • Leveraging all

  • Measuring
    Social Capital

  • Leveraging

Influencing and improving the quality of lives

Furthering our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our corporate social responsibility initiatives in FY 2019-20 touched 830300 lives, of which 41% belong to the SC and ST communities. We have been catering to domains, starting with sustainability initiatives through community engagement, to social upliftment and environmental transformation, addressing healthcare and sanitation issues, strengthening household income, making women self-reliant and more.

  • Aarogya Addressing malnutrition, spreading awareness and delivering preventative healthcare – Impacted 3,99,619 lives
  • Kaushalya Improving employability through skill development, vocational training, assistance for supplementing income, women empowerment – Skilled 1,17,474 people
  • Amrutdhara Offering water relief measures – Impacted 21,666 lives
  • Seva Tata Motors’ family volunteered – 1,11,960 hours for social upliftment
  • Vidyadhanam Holistic educational initiatives and financial support – Touched lives of 1,52,558 students
  • Vasundhara Planted 1,17,464 saplings, and reached out to create awareness in 91,025 people
  • Aadhaar Rural focussed programmes for integrated development approach – Committed to better lives of 3000 tribal communities

Besides the ongoing programmes for societal and community betterment, our teams respond to issues on ‘need’ basis across the year as well. In FY 2019-20, we reached out to impact 45000 lives under Maharashtra Flood Response Programme; and also supplied relief to 13199 communities across plant locations, which were turned vulnerable due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Details of all our initiatives can be found in our annual corporate social responsibility report for FY 2019-20.


Tata Motors Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Our Programmes

Tata Motors is committed to sustainable development, where business goes hand in hand with societal wellbeing and environmental consciousness.

  • Aarogya - Health
  • Vidyadhanam - Education
  • Kaushalya - Employability or Skilling
  • Vasundhara - Environment
  • Amrutdhara - Drinking Water
  • Aadhaar - Affirmative Action
  • Seva - Volunteering

CSR & Sustainability Awards

Tata Motors has been consistently recognised for excellence in programmes aimed at benefitting the community. These awards encourage us to do more, spread our reach further and impact more lives.

Social Investment

CSR at Tata Motors is influenced by ‘More from Less for More’ philosophy.

  • 22.9 crores of rupees (₹) have been spent for CSR in FY2019-20

  • Tata Motors has mobilised over 59% of the resources through multi stakeholder partnerships.

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