Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tata Motors, our CSR efforts are focused on improving the quality of life of underprivileged communities neighbouring our business operations. Our interventions focus on health, education, employability and environment, impacting over 6,44,000 lives in India.

Our Programmes

Tata Motors is committed to sustainable development, where business goes hand in hand with societal wellbeing and environmental consciousness.

  • Aarogya - Health
  • Vidyadhanam - Education
  • Kaushalya - Employability or Skilling
  • Vasundhara - Environment
  • Amrutdhara - Drinking Water
  • Aadhaar - Community Development
  • Seva - Volunteering

CSR & Sustainability Awards

Tata Motors has been consistently recognised for excellence in programmes aimed at benefitting the community. These awards encourage us to do more, spread our reach further and impact more lives.

Affirmative Action

Tata Motors Affirmative Action (AA) programme, Aadhaar, is aimed at serving traditionally disadvantaged communities, such as Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST), with a focus on the 4E's – Education, Employability, Entrepreneurship and Employment.

International Initiatives

The CSR interventions of Tata Motors extend beyond the boundaries of India. In partnership with reputed NGOs and our distributor partners in various countries, we continue to work to support marginalised communities.


Tata Motors association with distinguished organisations across the globe has been instrumental in the achievement of greater outcomes through our CSR programmes. We value our partners and continue to build enduring relations with them as we strive towards connecting aspirations.

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