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We are the largest player in India’s rapidly growing EV space. Our proactive investments in developing EVs and sustained efforts in expanding the enabling ecosystem are directed towards making these future-ready vehicles the norm. Unveiling a rich range of new vehicles and concepts, we are building India’s best designed and greenest range of personal mobility solutions.




No. 1




1.4 Billion+ KM



Fastest selling EV

Nexon EV

No. 1 electric SUV


No. 1 EV fleet

Note: India data.

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Multiple body styles, options for long range travel, smooth and silent, our EVs ensure a comfortable drive. With minimal running and maintenance expenses, they are ideal for diverse commutes. Rapidly gaining mainstream traction, our zero-emission EVs present a conveniently accessible solution to counter rising pollution concerns and escalating fuel costs.

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Environment friendly

Accelerating ecosystem

Tata UniEVerse unites several Tata Group companies for the common purpose of accelerating the transition to e-mobility. We are collaborating with Tata Auto Components to localise EV powertrains and battery packs. Tata Power, India’s leading player in the EV charging space, is our partner in expanding the public charging infrastructure and for installing the home chargers that come with our EVs.


Home or away,
charge your way

Charging Tata-branded EVs is as hassle-free and effortless as driving them. Our EVs come with a personal charging system you can set up at your home or office, as convenient. The fast-expanding public charging network, with 6,000+ charging stations already installed across the country, will ensure that you are always close to a charging station on your longer, intercity and highway drives.

Enjoy the ease that comes with multiple charging options and choose the one that’s best suited to what you need in the moment.

Choose our aspirational vehicles for climate neutrality.

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