Sustainability strategy

Leading with purpose

Our ambition

Our dedication to nurturing planet resilience is shaped by the overarching vision of the Tata Group, as reflected in Project Aalingana. We firmly pledge to integrate sustainability into our business strategy, emphasising decarbonisation, circular economy principles and the preservation of the natural environment. This commitment aligns with the social and environmental responsibility envisioned by our founder.

Building sustainable solutions

Tata Group's 'Aalingana' initiative fosters sustainable businesses and embraces a vision of Net Zero by 2045. It focuses on decarbonisation, circular economy principles and environmental preservation.

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Materiality assessment

We understand the importance of addressing key priorities. Through materiality assessment, we determine the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) areas that hold the greatest significance for our business and stakeholders. By engaging with both internal and external parties, we identify and address material issues that have an impact on our value creation.

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Sustainability governance

Our sustainability governance framework permeates throughout our organisation, with initiatives spanning across functions and being strategically aligned around key themes. Board oversight plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective implementation and accountability of our sustainability strategy, driving us towards a more sustainable future.

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How we create value

By engaging with stakeholders, we identify material issues affecting our value creation. Our vision and values, including integrity and teamwork, guide our processes. We prioritise design innovation, technology and customer service across our global sales, manufacturing and logistics. This value-creation model spans diverse business verticals to serve various market segments.

Growing sustainable impact

We are committed to becoming a leader in sustainable mobility. Acknowledging the importance of the supply chain, we launched the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative in 2017. Through various measures, we ensure ethical and sustainable practices across our value chain, driving a profound transformation towards sustainability.

Supporting global goals

At Tata Motors, we share a strong alignment with the UNSDGs, actively working to make a positive impact across all 17 SDGs. Through our products, services, responsible manufacturing practices and community projects, we consistently strive to contribute towards these global sustainability targets.